ABOUT: Shared Helicopter Transfers

Pay by the seat…Not by the helicopter.

Whitetracks Helicopters - SHARED Helicopter Transfers Regarded to some as a luxury, it is no wonder that Whitetracks Helicopters have an impressive list comprised of the rich and famous as returning clientele. Now, with our exclusive shared helicopter transfer service, Whitetracks Helicopters make it far more reasonable than you can imagine to indulge in a little quality, without the excessive price tag.

You may be travelling on business and require a little more assurance on a few travel factors such as comfort, practicality and efficiency. You may simply desire a more romantic or exciting twist on your standard transfer arrangements. Regardless, you can now enjoy an extraordinary and memorable experience as part of your essential transport to or from resort by sharing the cost of the transfer between the other passengers and yourself.

A shared helicopter transfer is ideal for individuals, couples or small groups of three. Two passengers sharing with two or three others will save nearly half the cost of a private helicopter. These savings are even greater increased if an individual traveller wishes to share the flight. With the vast amount of money you’ll save by booking a shared transfer through Whitetracks Helicopters, you can rest-assured in knowing that you’ll no longer need to suffer the discomforts of long and harrowing traffic found on transfer days. You’ll also be able to enjoy the wonderful facilities that await you in resort with the considerable amount of time which you’ve saved.

Whether or not your transfer is purchased as a fabulously unique gift for someone special or even a well deserved treat for yourself, a shared helicopter promises a far more refined mode of transport to complement your holiday.

Whitetracks Helicopters organise helicopter transfers from all the airports within the Northern Alps area; Geneva, Chambery, Grenoble (St Geoirs) and Lyon (St Exupery). For this reason Whitetracks Helicopters will be organising shared helicopter transfers from all these airports to any French ski resort.

In addition to France, we also organise helicopter transfers from all the airports in Switzerland; Geneva, Zurich, Sion, Bern-Belp and Basel. So Whitetracks Helicopters will be organising shared helicopter transfers from all these airports to any Swiss ski resort.



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