Helicopter Photographic and Film Work
Helicopter Photographic and Flim Work

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Professional film crews and photographers

The Helicopter's abilities as an "actor", a film platform and a means of transport have been increasingly recognised by the film, television and photographic industries.

Helicopters for filming basically fall into two categories: those being filmed (picture ship) and those doing the filming (camera ship) The camera ship carries the camera and crew and has to be carefully chosen in consideration to available camera mounts and camera type, conditions and requirements.

The bigger stabilised systems such as the Wescam and Gyron FS for example can only fit on a limited number of helicopter types. These are listed below. For filming over cities, crowds or over water a twin engine helicopter is required by law in the UK and most of Europe.

Picture ships can be pretty much anything and can even be temporarily painted to your colours or have stickers or military colours applied. Full or partial mock-up aircraft can be supplied. We have access to a wide range of non flying bodies and fuselage sections which can be used for interior or gimbal based studio scenes. With prior negotiation, some of these may even be destroyed during filming if required.

Aerial filming is, by it's very nature, complex and generally quite expensive. But in the right hands it can also deliver some spectacular shots adding to the production value of your project. It can also be dangerous. Our careful choice of crew, pilots and aircraft ensure that safety is paramount.



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