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Only one, two or three of you? Why don't you save money on a private helicopter by sharing with other people? Shared helicopter airport transfers to and from all the ski resorts across the French Alps, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. - INFORMATION | LISTINGS

Ski Resort Helicopter Transfers - France

Whether you just want a day skiing or boarding in a different resort, the Vallée Blanché in Chamonix for example. Or maybe you have friends in another ski resort that you wish to visit. Whatever your reasons Inter–Resort helicopter transfers are a fast, effective and a very exciting means of getting from one resort to another. And, what's more some helicopter transfers actually work out to be less expensive than their taxi equivalent!


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The helicopter is ideal if you and a small group of people want to make the most of your free day in a different ski domain. A helicopter can get you there for lift opening and allows a full days riding (skiing or boarding) around your chosen activity if you choose to take part in one - helicopter events.

Every ski resort in the world has a helipad of some shape or form. This maybe a properly marked out pad or an area that can be used if or when the time arises in which a helicopter may need to land. Unfortunately, not all the helipads can be used for dropping off members of the public. Many are reserved just for use by the emergency services.

Whitetracks Helicopters can quote you for any helicopter transfer from every ski resort within France or a resort or city outside France where the final destination is France.

Whitetracks Helicopters can also quote on different types of helicopter - Single Engine, Twin Engines, Basic or Luxurious..... Types of Helicopter


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