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Helicopter Interiors - Comfort and Prestige VIP - Picture: Eurocopter EC135 Interior

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Helicopter Interiors - Comfort or Prestige VIP

We often get asked the question; What is the difference between the Comfort and Prestige Range?

The answer is simple; there are very few differences! Firstly though, we must emphasise that this question only really relates to the smaller single and twin engine helicopters where you, the client is provided the choice of comfort and prestige versions of the same helicopter.


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In France, French Alps these helicopters include: AS350 / Bell 407 / AS355 / EC135

Initially it is the same aircraft so the build and the seating layout will be the same in both. The most visible difference is what you will be sat on. Prestige VIP models will have leather or suede seats whereas, in comfort models the seats will be made of cloth.

Model: Eurocopter AS350 - Comfort
The only other real differences are; Prestige models may have a carpeted floor giving it an overall smarter appearence and feel when sat inside the passenger cabin. The Comfort model will almost certainly have a plastic floor, occasionally covered by rubber matting allowing ski boots to be worn, this basically gives the comfort model that rougher appearance and feel when inside the cabin.

Model: Eurocopter AS350 - Prestige VIP


Here it must also be noted that the most noticable difference between the comfort and prestige VIP models will be the difference in cost.

Please Note: If you book a comfort version with Whitetracks Helicopters we will try our best to get a prestige VIP version to collect you at no extra cost!

When it comes to the larger single and twin engine helicopters there is no choice Whitetracks Helicopters only have access to one type of interior, prestige VIP.


Agusta 109  Eurocopter Dauphin AS365

Please note: Interiors in photos may differ slightly to the interior of the aircraft that collects you.



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