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Co-Pilot? One Pilot or Two Pilots - Picture: Eurocopter EC135 with 2 Pilots

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Single or Twin Pilots? One Pilot or Two? Co-Pilot or not?

Similar to the Single or Twin engine helicopter conundrum, one or two pilots is again more a question of personal preference, some people just feel safer having two pilots rather than one.


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The majority of helicopter missions; resort and airport transfers, sightseeing flights and tours that are organised by Whitetracks are performed with just one pilot. It is rare but by no means unheard of that individual client requests a second pilot.

Whitetracks Helicopters works closely with several private jet companies that only organise helicopters for their clients as long as there are two pilots. If there is no second pilot available they will not proceed with the booking, this is not usually down to the client but down to the rules of the private jet company.

Many of our clients are looking for the least expensive or most cost effective option so more often than not the idea of a second pilot doesn't even come into the frame. Depending on the type of helicopter a second pilot can cost from 500-1000 euros upwards.

Having a second pilot will ultimately mean one less passenger seat/space in the helicopter. If you want a second pilot you will need to take this into consideration when choosing the type of helicopter. A five passenger helicopter with an extra pilot will now have seating for four and a six seater helicopter will have passenger seating for five. By having a second pilot (at extra cost) depending on how many people in your party, may mean that you will need a larger helicopter which will further increase the overall helicopter cost!

Please note only a few of the operating helicopter companies will provide a second pilot and only if requested! If you would like a cost for a second pilot - please contact a member of the Whitetracks Helicopters team who will be more than happy to help with your request.





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