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Excess Luggage

Helicopters are only able to carry a limited amount of luggage - Please see section on helicopter Luggage Holds for details, pictures and descriptions.

Helicopters do not cater for hard cases/bags! If you wish for your luggage to be transported in the helicopter with you, you will need to use soft bags that can be squashed into the small luggage compartments. If you have excess luggage alternative arrangements will need to be organised for its transportation to and from resort.


Each passenger is strictly limited to -

ONE SMALL/MEDIUM SIZED ‘SPORTS HOLDALL’ + One pair of Skis or One Snowboard each. Alternative arrangements will need to be organised for any excess luggage

Skis, boards and boots will go in the cage or pod on the side of the helicopter - Unless specified ‘NO’ Skis!

If you turn up at the helicopter with too much luggage the pilot will make you transfer the excess by taxi!



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