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Bad Weather Contingency Plan - Road Airport Transfers

There are very strict flying rules and regulations when flying around the mountains in helicopters. This is especially more so during the winter ski season - end of November to early May. Many helicopter flights during these months have to be cancelled due to bad weather conditions.

These bad flying conditions can vary from low lying cloud, snow and even rain. It is also possible that even when the weather is perfect at your departure helipad the weather at the destination Helipad affects the flight.


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Whitetracks VEHICLES

Whitetracks Helicopters and Whitetracks Vehicles are able to organise all your road transport needs in the instance that your helicopter transfer does not go ahead due to adverse weather conditions.

Provided with enough time Whitetracks Vehicles can get you any vehicle within reason with, or without driver. The vehicle will be waiting for your arrival at your destination airport ready to greet you from your aeroplane.


Mercedes Viano - 'V' Class - upto 7 Passengers MULTI PEOPLE CARRIERS MPV's
Mercedes ML 4X4 - 'M' Class - 3/4 Passengers 4X4's - SPORTS UTILITY VEHICLES
Mercedes 'S' Class - 3/4 Passengers PRESTIGIOUS and LUXURIOUS
Maybach 57 - 3 Passengers EXCEPTIONAL VEHICLES
Mercedes SLS Coupe - 1 Passenger SPORTS CARS



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